Mövenpick Condotel


Mövenpick Condotel possess similar unique characteristics of the Mövenpick Villas, but aim to investors with a lower budget. When investing in Mövenpick Condotel, investors can stay at their apartment up to 180 days per year, and are guaranteed by developer a minimum profit of 10% per year for 5 years, or are able to choose a bank guarantee of 9% per year.


All of the Mövenpick Condotel apartments are designed to face the sea so that from the apartment, people can comfortably watch the mighty and beautiful ocean and enjoy the fresh sea-breeze filling the apartment.


All of the resort apartments are taken care of and are operated under international 5-star standards. The owners are able to purchase, transfer and use under Mövenpick Condotel trademark.



Typical floor plan


Premises of Mövenpick Condotel Studio


Premises of Mövenpick Condotel Connecting Room