Resort villas compete sharply on quality standards in 2016

In 2015 and earlier, investors quickly cashed in once they realised the benefits of owning a beach villa and the attractive profitability of this investment channel. In 2016, these experienced investors are considering and carefully analysing the market to determine how the beach villas can offer the best competitive advantage. Investors no longer follow the trend of investing in coastal resort villa products that are built exponentially, with low investment quality, managed under the developer’s standards. Instead, they scrutinise and seek out high-quality products from design and construction to operation and management. 


When talking about world-class coastal resort villa products, besides developer reputation, investment policy, geographical location of the project and so on, the management units are always considered the most important factor. The Vietnamese have a saying: “The products’ durability depends on the users.” A management unit with high standards and professional processes determine the sustainable value of the country's resort real estate over time. On the other hand, the brand of international management may attract foreign investors who can pour money into Vietnamese resort real estate.

Matthew Koziora, Transactional Director, Real Estate Investment Fund, at VinaCapital, said the coastal resort real estate in Viet Nam has not been fully exploited so far. In some areas, such as Phu Quoc and Vung Tau, there are still very few projects that can match the quality standards of international management to attract foreign investors. Most of the consumption comes from domestic investors in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City and so on. Although international investors are interested in the Vietnamese market, they demand more in terms of quality and project scale. Further, there are many obstacles and restrictions on legal issues. If the Vietnamese government invests more in infrastructure and makes its policies more flexible, it will attract more foreign investors to the field of resort real estate.


Foreseeing the needs of domestic and foreign investors in resort real estate with world-class quality standards, Eurowindow is currently investing in two five-star resorts in Bai Dai, Cam Ranh: Radisson Blu Cam Ranh, managed by Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, and Mövenpick Cam Ranh Resort, managed by Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts Group (Switzerland). Both five-star hotel brands are world famous.

For the Mövenpick Cam Ranh Resort, the developer has set aside part of the project's real estate for Mövenpick Villas and Mövenpick Condotel, along with special incentives for secondary investors.

Mr. Andrew Langdon, Senior President of Mövenpick Group, said, “We are very enthusiastic about this project because Mövenpick Group has managed many large hotels and resorts in the world, but the Mövenpick Cam Ranh Resort is the first resort we will manage in Viet Nam. To commit to the Mövenpick brand, we have to ensure that the design, construction, operation and management all meet international five-star standards. With the hotel and resort systems we manage all over the world and our experience in attracting visitors to the resort, we believe that Mövenpick Resort Cam Ranh will always be at full capacity.”


According to Hannes Romauch, Eurowindow Nha Trang General Director, “121 luxury Mövenpick villas lead the high-class resort real estate segment in the market due to their many unique features. For instance, all of the villas have a single floor, and the living room and bedroom are both designed to face the sea. International brands provide five-star quality standards. They offer flexible policies to assist customers in actively using the premises and encourage them to participate in the sub-lease program, with high profits, allowing them to live in the villa for up to 6 months each year. Investing in Mövenpick Villas brings high profitability due to the developer's commitment to share 85 per cent of the rental profit and not less than 10 per cent per year within a decade. In addition, to ensure greater safety for their investments, purchasers can choose VPBank's guarantee plan with a profit commitment of at least 9 per cent per year within a decade.

An experienced investor in resorts said, “The presence of a resort real estate product under the Mövenpick brand with its many competitive unique features brings in opportunities for domestic and foreign investors to choose world-class products. In the current Vietnamese market, most of the resort properties exploited by international management are rented; they typically cannot trade or possess the property under their own brand. Those that can do so are built, operated and managed by domestic developers under their own standards. However, with Mövenpick Villas, the purchasers possess permanent ownership and are allowed to trade and transfer the property under the Mövenpick brand. I believe Mövenpick Villas is sure to be a magnet for domestic and foreign investors."  

In particular, Bai Dai, Cam Ranh, was selected by the Khanh Hoa Province Committee to be the area's main investment point, requiring improved infrastructure to accompany the service systems to meet the growing needs of tourism. The synchronous development of infrastructure and traffic here will contribute to creating more favorable factors for the project. Therefore, the advantage of a flawless beach, impressive architectural styles, the synchronous development of infrastructure and traffic and perfect service management quality will contribute to firmly strengthening the tourism potential and attractive investment opportunities offered by the Mövenpick Cam Ranh Resort project.

Mövenpick Cam Ranh Resort is a high-class, 5-star resort encompassing 121 Mövenpick villas, 250 international 5-star standard Mövenpick hotel rooms, and 96 resort apartments of Mövenpick condotel, which include a series of entertainment services such as the Swiss Village, golf courses and tennis courts, beach clubs, restaurants and a children’s area.

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